May 27, 2010


We need your help!
This is a new site where we want all members of the historical fiction community and authors to CONNECT with each other! The only success that we could have would be if bloggers like YOU contribute to the site.

Mingle and share our thoughts on posts that are provided by YOU and our friends. We need a lot of help from people all over, like you, so that everyone provides content, which can be cross posted at their own blogs as well.

See it is as Hub-spot for creative historical posts, reviews, news, author highlights.. and whatever else you could think of!
You would not even be required to provide something brand new just for the HF-Connection. We are happy to let you post a review, creative post etc, on your own blog and also send it to is via email so we can post it on the HF-Connection with full credit to you.
Would you like to join in the fun and help us get started?
Email us!