June 18, 2012

The Queen's Vow Read-Along Schedule

By C.W. Gortner
The Read Along at HF-Connection for July has been announced, and we welcome anyone with thoughts on the book to read along and comment on the posts when they get a chance.

The Schedule:
Kick off Reading day is July 7th, 2012
July 10: Page 128 (end of part I) First discussion post
July 14: Page 215 (end of part II) Second discussion post
July 17: Page 299 (end of part III) Third discussion post
July 21: Page 382 (end of part IV) Fourth discussion post 
Wrap up post will follow shortly after, which is where readers can link up their reviews if they would like, and the giveaway winner will be announced. 

The schedule follows the "parts" divided within the novel, and the discussion posts will post in the mornings of Tuesday and Saturday and you can discuss anything you would like from the novel up to those parts in the schedule, whenever you get to those parts.

There will be spoiler warnings in the post for those that have not reached the reading point in the schedule.

Feel free to invite your friends, and you may use the following image to link to if you would like to announce the read-along on your blog or just link to it in your sidebar.

Arleigh of Historical-Fiction.com is also generously sponsoring a giveaway of a special item from one of her very favorite online retailers, tartx:


This pocket mirror features our main protagonist Isabella of Castile, and it will be awarded to one of our most active participants in the USA. Visit tartx to see all of the fabulous items for sale there.

 We will also invite you to ask questions of the author of The Queen's Vow, C.W. Gortner, as he will stop by and address your comments during the read along!

Hope to see you there!


  1. A huge thank you to Marie and Arleigh for organizing this great event; I'm so looking forward to chatting with everyone!

    1. We are totally psyched for this too, it's going to be fun!

      *(As long as Arleigh doesn't text me a spoiler like last time).. runs and hides..

  2. Hello: I start reading tonight but I am a very slow reader because I study everything and look for info on the internet so that is why I am a very slow reader..:)


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