February 13, 2012

Join Us for the Forever Amber Read-a-Long

*Revised reading schedule...see below

Announcing the Forever Amber Read-a-Long.
Marie and I have been wanting to read this famous historical novel by Kathleen Winsor for years and when Marie mentioned that she was finally going to read it this year, I told her I would join her.  And so, the read-a-long was born!

About the book (from Goodreads):
Abandoned pregnant and penniless on the teeming streets of London, 16-year-old Amber St. Clare manages, by using her wits, beauty, and courage, to climb to the highest position a woman could achieve in Restoration England—that of favorite mistress of the Merry Monarch, Charles II. From whores and highwaymen to courtiers and noblemen, from events such as the Great Plague and the Fire of London to the intimate passions of ordinary—and extraordinary—men and women, Amber experiences it all. But throughout her trials and escapades, she remains, in her heart, true to the one man she really loves, the one man she can never have. Frequently compared to Gone with the Wind, Forever Amber is the other great historical romance, outselling every other American novel of the 1940s—despite being banned in Boston for its sheer sexiness. A book to read and reread, this edition brings back to print an unforgettable romance and a timeless masterpiece.

Dates:  Sunday, March 18, 2012 - Saturday, April 14, 2012


  • Start reading on Sundays, discussion post will be posted on Saturdays.
  • You can do a post and leave your link in the comments, or you can just post your thoughts in the comments of the week's discussion post.
  • The last week, April 8 -14,  will be for catch-up readers and final thoughts.
*Reading schedule has been slightly revised.  I didn't realize that the book had parts, which would probably make for more natural breaks in the reading.  If you have read a bit ahead of the new stopping points because of the previous schedule, don't worry.  It's only a couple chapters difference.  I hope you will forgive me the mishap.  ~Michelle

Reading schedule:
  • Week One (March 18 - 24)--Prologue through Part III, which starts at Ch. 22 (stop reading at end of Ch. 21) 
  • Week Two (March 25 - 31)--Part III through Part V, which starts at Ch. 46 (stop reading at end of Ch. 45)
  • Week Three (April 1 - 7)--Part V through Chapter 69 (end)
  • Week Four (April 8 - 14)--A week for catch-up and final thoughts

If you would like to join us, please leave a comment below.  We certainly would love to have you with us in the reading of this classic historical novel.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or email us at hfconnection@yahoo.com.


  1. What a great idea! I've had this one on my TBR shelf for far too long. I've heard wonderful reviews about the book!

  2. I read it over 30 years ago and if my review schedule weren't so packed I would join you for this. It's a classic to be sure.

  3. God, I haven't read this high school. I just remember that I couldn't stand Amber!

  4. I read it a few years ago for research for my own novel. I would love to follow along again. Amber actually was a victim although she should have known better.

  5. That's too bad, Pricilla.

    Elizabeth--going to give it another try? Perhaps your opinion of Amber will have changed. ;O)

    Liz K--yes, indeed! Join us.

  6. I'd love to join the read along. I've been thinking about picking this book up again!

  7. I hadn't heard of this book before, it wasn't available as an e- book so I bought the physical copy today, looking forward to start reading it.
    I'll do an official Join post next week:)

  8. I was given an old copy of this book two years ago. I had no intention of reading it but for some odd reason, one weekend I found no new unread books in the house. For the first 100 pages I disliked it, but after that I was hooked. Give it a try if you are unsure because you may end up enjoying the book.

    (Amber do you not know that Bruce Carlton is a jerk!)

  9. So exciting! I love this idea -- I'm so in!

  10. Kai--so glad you're joining us!

    Thanks for the insight, Kitty!

    Audra--thrilled to have you with us!

  11. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how long I have been wanting to read this... I am so excited to participate!!! Thanks for doing this :)

  12. We're pretty excited too, Svea! So glad to have another participant who is passionate about historical fiction. Thank you for joining us!

  13. Sounds great! I will try to find the book and read along.

  14. Great, Clarissa! Would love to have you join us. =O)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hi, I really think that the idea is wonderful, however, I would like to see this type of event for new author's in a bid to support them (or should I say us). If everyone in the read along was to write a review on Amazon that would be great. I would be happy to support other budding author's and would love to submit my book for such an event.

  17. Rhumor, this event was created to purposefully move away from our hectic reviewing schedule and read something that we have wanted to read for a very long time.

    I have owned this book for over two years & due to never-ending review requests I had to "forcefully" carve some time out of reviewing so that I could get back to the purpose of a good book.. to read what we would like simply because we want to and not because a publicist, publisher or author requested it.

    I (& probably Michelle) have been reading purely review books for the last three years, and we needed a break! This event was perfect for that!

    I would love to hear your thoughts on Forever Amber when we post our discussion posts each week!

  18. Yes, I agree with Marie. I am constantly reading review books and while I pretty much end up liking most of them, I still have a 3000+ home library that I need to read from, which Forever Amber is a part of. Reading books for these read-a-longs breaks up, should I say, the monotony for me.

    Yes, Ann, please do read along with us and join us for the discussions! Would love to have you!

  19. I'll be very interested to see what everyone thinks about Amber's adventures! I read this book years ago as a teen, and I've reread parts of it many, many times. It is absolutely fascinating and exciting writing, rich with history and colorful characters. Enjoy!

  20. I read this a few years ago, but I will follow your posts. What I thought most intriguing about this mammoth book is that it is only 1/3rd the size of the original, before editing! And I am sad that the author never wrote the "planned" sequel. I think a fan should take up the story and write it :) hmmmm....

  21. Hi Alice!
    I think it is possible we would do a read along around July/August. I'll be certain to do a post when we have decided on something so that everyone can find the selected book.

    I'm thinking it would be something like a Sharin Penman, Jean Plaidy or Anya Seton novel!

  22. I am SO SORRY I missed this! I will definitely look for the newest read-along, loving Penman, Plaidy and Seton as I do!
    Is there a sign-up somewhere????


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