March 31, 2012

Forever Amber Week Two Discussion Read A Long

Welcome to the Discussion Post for HF-Connection's first Read-A-Long! If you didn't officially sign up for the read-a-long, you are still welcome to chime in with your thoughts. The original post with the schedule can be found here.**


Marie's thoughts:
This week, we were to read through Part 5... But I misread it and thought we were only to read up to Part 5.. so I only finished Part 4. Ooops... not doing so hot over here..
I can say that I did get to a point where I was ready to quit altogether, simply for the fact that Amber is so unlikable and without morals. I had to focus on the actual historic plot to get myself back into the groove of enjoying it. Amber finds herself a respectable gentleman.. and I could not BELIEVE what happened to that respectable gentleman.. (Well, he wasn't totally gentle)..
The story line is sometimes so far-fetched, and unrealistic.. but it is still good reading in a sensational kind of way.
What do you think?

Michelle's thoughts:
Not any thoughts as of today since I'm dreadfully behind.  I will get caught up and comment later in the week.

Hope everyone is enjoying the book!

Reminder:  I had to change the schedule (only slightly) so if you haven't already, please visit the link Marie posted above to check it out.  Thanks!


  1. I have to say im in love with this book! After being behind Im completely caught up and will finish today. The amazing thing is that despite Amber being unlikeable she is real. I know several people who move through life carelessly like her and yet thrive!
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  3. I finished today!! Whew.
    Here are my thoughts on Part II.


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