April 07, 2012

Week Three: Forever Amber Read-a-Long

Welcome to the Discussion Post for HF-Connection's first Read-A-Long! If you didn't officially sign up for the read-a-long, you are still welcome to chime in with your thoughts. The original post with the schedule can be found here.**

Week Three (April 1 - 7)--Part V through Chapter 69 (end)

Week Four (April 8 - 14)--A week for catch-up and final thoughts


Marie's thoughts: In reading through part V of the book currently, there doesn't seem to be as much excitement for me as the first half.. there are only so many times Amber can get a man and use and abuse him. The fact that Amber is still shallow and self-centered, therefore without any dimension at all... it just gets old. Which is why there is more focus on the other themes of the book: political unrest, Barbara Palmer, the Duke of Buckingham.
I would have like to see Amber show a heart, such as when she was nursing Bruce Carlton (but was that only for her own benefit anyway?). She has two children that are so in the background, and I kept wishing she would go back to her roots and find her Aunt and Uncle, and perhaps learn a little something about her parentage.

Michelle's thoughts:  I am still behind.  I was on vacation last week...visiting family in Michigan and I thought I would have more time to read to get caught up, but that wasn't the case.  I should have known. I'll try to finish it this weekend and post my thoughts in the comments.

How is everyone else doing?  Don't forget, this week is for catching up, if you're behind, and we will post final thoughts next weekend.


  1. I agree Amber didnt change much , but I think that was the author's intent. My full thoughts are up at http://www.fictionstateofmind.blogspot.com

  2. http://themusingsofabookjunkie.blogspot.com/2012/04/forever-amber-part-iii.html

    I'm actually glad to be done!! YAY!


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