October 08, 2012

Fall Read Along Reminder

The Fall Read Along featuring Sharon Kay Penman's Here Be Dragons is about to start! Dust off that copy that has been sitting on your shelves or go find one at your fave bookstore or library, because now is as good a time as any! I've had my copy for close to four years, and it's way past time to dig into Penman's Welsh trilogy.

The book is roughly 700 pages, so we have the schedule as follows:

Start reading Saturday October 13, 2012.

The Weekly Discussion posts are scheduled for these Fridays:

October 19: Complete Chapter 16

October 26: Complete Chapter 37

November 2: Final Discussion

We tried to stretch out the reading for those who don't get to read everyday, but if you still fall behind the reading schedule please feel free to come back to visit the discussions at any time that is convenient to you. No pressure! There are no clear divisions in the text as far as part one or part two, so each week will average about 230 pages.
Who is going to be reading along with us? Feel free to comment with the link to your personal homepage so we can get to know our fellow read along participants!


  1. I'm really excited about this! I picked up this book a couple weeks ago before realizing this read along was starting. It must be destiny!

  2. Wow, such fantastic timing, Ingrid!! So pleased to have you with us!


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